Recently adopted dog can’t contain excitement when dad arrives home

When she saw her father arrive home, this dog couldn’t contain her excitement.Who is looking forward to seeing her father?Kira waits outside with her mother for her daddy to return home.She keeps looking out the window, hoping to see her father.She was initially focused on the various events taking place around her.The things moving around her distracted her.But then she seemed to sense that dad was about to return home.

He’s nearly there!

When she realized this, she kept her gaze fixed on the road, where her father would be waiting.

Kira refused to budge.She kept her gaze fixed on one point so she wouldn’t miss her father’s arrival.Kira couldn’t stop herself when he finally appeared!She couldn’t decide whether to jump on her chair or jump off to get to him.Can you figure out what she did?

Did she get up or get out of her chair?You guessed correctly that she jumped out of the chair!Kira jumped off and dashed to the gate to meet her father.Her tail and behind wiggled uncontrollably.She was constantly jumping up and down!

She couldn’t hide her delight at seeing her father!Kira has been living with her human parents for a year now, ever since she was adopted from a shelter.But her reaction to seeing her father return home makes it seem like she was only adopted yesterday.Her father teased her by standing on the other side of the gate and staring at her.But it appears that he was testing the effectiveness of their dog training.

Kira wanted to jump over the gate to see her father, but he told her she had to stay.She tried to sit still, but her wagging tail showed her excitement.She was about to pounce on her father when he tried to open the gate.He noticed it and asked her to remain before opening the gate.Kira understood what he was saying and tried her hardest to stay.She couldn’t sit still, but she could hold her position.

Her father opened the gate completely, looked at her, and said okay.Kira jumped on her father when she heard the word okay, so happy to see him again and be with him.She wanted to run up to him, hug him, and kiss him, but she didn’t know where to begin.Her father knew she wanted to do all of those things, so he waited to see what Kira preferred first.

We don’t know if this happens every day when her parents return home from work.Perhaps her father was away from them for a few days, which is why Kira was so happy to see him again.

In any case, it’s clear that Kira now lives in a home that is filled with love and concern for everyone in the family.It’s always wonderful when shelter animals find loving forever homes and families.

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