Raccoon Forms Sweetest Friendship With Deer Who Lost Her Mom

Carrie Long, a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, received a call last year about a distressed baby raccoon.He’d been abandoned by his mother at the age of three weeks and was discovered clinging to life during a rainstorm.Long, whose nonprofit, Texas Fawn and Friends, specializes in rescuing orphaned deer, decided to take in the raccoon.Jasper was his name.”We weren’t sure he’d make it,” Long admitted to The Dodo.Jasper survived because of Long’s kindness and care, and he’s now paying it forward.

Despite reaching adulthood and being free to strike out on his own, Jasper has chosen to remain a resident of Long’s deer haven.He now happily shares the sprawling space with the 75 orphaned deer in Texas Fawn and Friends’ care — but one in particular has clearly won his heart.Hope is her name.She, too, lost her mother when she was a child.But Jasper makes certain she is never alone.

“Jasper adores her,” Long explained.”When he sees her, he rushes over to lick and kiss her.It’s the cutest thing ever.”

Here’s a clip of Jasper and Hope’s adorable friendship in action:

Jasper and Hope are doing well.And everything is on their terms.”He sees her on a daily basis,” Long explained.”She comes in the evening and lies next to him.They have a pleasant relationship.”

Long expects to care for over 100 orphaned fawns this year, all of whom would likely perish if it weren’t for the dedication and hard work of Texas Fawn And Friends.Their lives aren’t just saved there; they’re given a chance to thrive.Long would prefer it that way.”It’s very satisfying work,” she says.