Raccoon buried alive owes his life to kindhearted kids

A helpless raccoon found himself in serious trouble after being buried alive, but he was given a second chance when two very kind children came across him and saved his life!The dramatic rescue was captured on video, and the two are now being hailed as heroes all over the place.

Daiton, 14, and his brother Rylen, 12, were the ones who saved the helpless animals from certain death.
The two brothers and their father, Dray McMillon, had just returned from a family reunion.Because their property is surrounded by woods, the two boys frequently go exploring, as they did on this occasion.They came across a collapsed animal burrow after a few minutes of walking through the forest.Daiton and Rylen rushed to investigate, fearing that helpless animals were trapped inside.

Unfortunately, their worst nightmare came true when a poor racoon became trapped inside.The tiny animal was scared and confused because he couldn’t move, so the boys knew they had to act quickly to save his life.They had no idea how long the animal had been trapped, so every second was crucial for both of them.They initially rushed to inform their father because they were so close to home.Dray grabbed a shovel and followed his boys after hearing the news.”They discovered a raccoon 2 to 3 feet down in the hole.””Only his head and front legs were visible,” the father told The Dodo.The boys immediately called me and informed me of their discovery.The raccoon was gasping for air when I arrived.It was heartbreaking to see this animal suffer.”

The father-boys trio had to be extremely cautious when digging around the raccoon because they didn’t know its exact body position.The rescue proved more difficult than they anticipated, and it was getting dark, so they decided to seek assistance from the Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

The center immediately dispatched a volunteer to the scene, and after several hours of intense rescue efforts, they were able to free the animal.The raccoon was taken to the Wild West Wildlife facility for investigation after it was freed.Fortunately, he was only there for a short time and did not sustain any injuries.So they returned him to the forest, and the two boys were overjoyed!”I could see their sense of accomplishment,” the proud father said.”They were overjoyed that the animal had been released safely.”I could tell this was going to be something they’d never forget.”