Puppy with brain damage curled up to hide, unable to raise his head to thank the rescuer

After being ignored by many passersby, he tries to raise his head to thank the woman.
But he could at least see her face.

After severely injuring his young dog, a cruel owner threw him out onto the street.
All he required was to be cared for and loved.

After being passed by a large number of people, he was noticed by a woman and her son, who attempted to pick him up after noticing a large trauma in his head, but the dog simply wanted to hide from people!
After a few hours, the woman was able to take the dog with her, and he tried to make eye contact with her, but he couldn’t focus due to his injury.

He was taken to the vet and treated for his injury!
The puppy even kissed the vet in appreciation.
When the young puppy returned to his rescuer’s home, he began playing, drinking, and eating.
The best part was that puppy transformed in weeks and was finally able to make eye contact with the woman who saved him to thank her!
What a difference!