Puppy Who Thought Mom Had Left The House Gets Caught In The Act Of Escaping

Mia is a typical puppy at 6 months old.She has a lot of energy and enjoys getting into trouble.”She’s very loving and protective,” Mia’s mother, Christina Rosado, told The Dodo.”She has a lot of zoomies in the evenings.”

Mia spends some time in her kennel and playpen because she is still so young.She’s not a fan of not being able to run around and play with whatever she wants, and she’s constantly devising new escape strategies.”Mia constantly escapes from her playpen and has figured out how to escape from her kennel…”Mia is a very bright young lady,” Rosado said.

Rosado was getting ready to leave the house one day when she put Mia in her playpen to hang out and nap.She had just left the house and was on her way to her car when she realized she had forgotten something.Rosado returned to the house and entered the kitchen, where he accidentally caught Mia in the middle of an escape attempt.

When the mischievous pup made direct eye contact with her mom and realized she’d been caught, she was balancing on top of the playpen, ready to jump over to freedom.”Mia just looked like, ‘Oh crap, I’m busted,'” Rosado explained.

Mia appears to frequently try to escape her playpen as soon as her mother leaves, but her timing was slightly off this time.Mia is adorable, and her family adores her; her escape attempts are just one aspect of her personality.