Puppy Abandoned Outside Supermarket Can’t Hide Her Happiness As Someone Came To Take Her Home

It breaks my heart to think about cats and dogs whose owners have abandoned them.
However, many people and rescuers are still eager to help them find a forever home or a suitable shelter.
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Animal lovers all over the world were recently overjoyed after witnessing a video of an abandoned puppy being saved and given a second chance at life.
Takis Shelter, a Greek non-profit animal rescue organization, shared the video.

In the video, a white puppy is seen sitting in a bare cardboard box outside a supermarket.
According to the shelter, this poor dog was abandoned in the hopes that shoppers would help her and possibly adopt her.
Sadly, no one seemed to notice her.

According to the shelter, because there are so many abandoned animals on the streets in Greece, people are accustomed to seeing and hearing them.
It’s not surprising that they frequently walk right by these poor creatures, not even looking at them.

Takis, the founder of Takis Shelter, stepped in to save the dog, which was a godsend.
He named the puppy Maisie and brought her home with him.
Despite having been abandoned, she was polite and pleasant.
She was overjoyed to meet new people and play with them at the shelter, particularly with a dog named Ozzy.

Her life at the shelter is pleasant, but she requires constant supervision.
Takis had underestimated Maisie’s ability to find her forever home.
She was adopted by a lovely couple from Crete who live on a farm.
In her new home, she has a large number of brothers and sisters.

Takis Shelter and the wonderful couple who rescued and adopted the puppy are to be commended.
We’re relieved to hear that Maisie is finally living the life she deserves.
She’ll never cry alone again, as she did when she was abandoned outside the store.

Watch the full video here:

Source: doginspiration.com