Puppy Goes To Hair Salon With Mom And Sits For A Haircut Just Like A Human

Dog owners understand how wonderful it is to be able to bring their pet with them wherever they go.
Brittany Taylor was getting her hair done at Gibson Hair & Makeup in Charleston, South Carolina, when she couldn’t stop herself from telling her stylist Michelle Atwood about her new puppy, Luka, a happy little golden retriever puppy.

“We have two other dogs, and Luka has been the funniest, loudest, and silliest puppy yet,” Taylor said.When we return home after being gone for a while, he squeals like a little piggy and insists on being squeezed for about five minutes before calming down.

He’s very playful and enjoys cuddling up to your face.”After hearing all about him, Atwood’s hairstylist was so taken with him that she asked Taylor to bring him into the salon so she could meet him next time.Taylor gladly agreed and brought Luka along on her next visit.She was more than happy to show off her adorable son, much to the delight of everyone getting their hair done.

Luka was initially impatient as he watched his mother get her hair done, but he soon settled in, and everyone enjoyed hanging out with him and lavishing him with attention while he waited.”He was a little agitated when he first arrived at the salon, but after about an hour, he calmed down and fell asleep for about 45 minutes,” Taylor said.Everyone in the salon appreciated Luka’s presence!Many people assisted in babysitting while I had my hair done, and he received numerous pets and cuddles.
He’s such a good kid!”They then decided that Luka should benefit from their services as well.They sat Luka in a chair and wrapped him in a cape.

The salon then had a good time photographing his phony hair cut.Luka sat motionless, enjoying all the attention and pretending to ‘be a human’ like his owner.”I think he did so well because he was still a little sleepy,” Taylor explained.When it was happening, he was very curious and acted like a good boy!”

After all, a good little boy like Luka deserves to be pampered.Everyone thought he was a sweet and well-mannered little customer.We’re sure they wish they had more customers like Luka!But one thing is certain: Luka doesn’t require much styling.He’s a stunning little pup just the way he is.When it was time to leave, Luka and his mother left, but there’s no doubt that Luka is welcome and encouraged to return to the salon at any time.