Pregnant Dog in Desperate Need for Help Collapses in Bushes Near Animal Shelter

A pregnant stray dog who knew where to go for help collapsed on her way to a nearby shelter animal only 100 feet away.Because she was swollen and weighed down by her pregnant belly, expectant mama was hiding in dense undergrowth.
She appeared to have made it to the shelter due to the dogs’ barking.Her breasts were full of milk, indicating that she was about to give birth at any moment.The rescuer gently picked her up and carried her back to their nearby shelter.They found her a quiet, peaceful location, and that night she gave birth to eight healthy puppies!Share the video with your animal-loving friends.

She and her puppies are extremely fortunate to have been discovered at all.Now that the puppies are at the shelter, they will have a much better chance of finding homes.Thank you for assisting all of these dogs.Hopefully, they will find permanent homes and be happy!

Watch the touching rescue of the mama.