Port Jackson Shark swims up to her human friend and asks for cuddles every time she sees him

Sharks can be friendly, cute, and a great companion.
This is demonstrated by the Port Jackson shark in this story.
The large fish devises a way to express her feelings for her human companion.
She swims over to him when she sees him diving close and asks for cudd.


Nick Anderson, an Australian diver, is the shark’s companion.
The two first met when the shark was a pup seven years ago.
The man chose a gentle approach to the animal, tapping her on the shoulder and speaking soothingly to her.


“I approached her slowly so as not to startle her, then began softly patting her.”
“After she got used to me, I’d hold her in my hand and talk soothingly to her through my regulator,” he told The Dodo.


Nick and the lovely sea creature have developed a special bond since then.
He even named his shark pal, and he recognizes her based on her markings.


Many of us will not believe in this wonderful friendship until we see these photographs.
Humans and sharks can coexist peacefully.
It is pure and valuable.


Every time Nick goes diving, his shark friend approaches him and asks for a touch and a snuggle.
This greeting has remained consistent over the last seven years.

“I don’t feed her or the other sharks,” the narrator says.
She got used to me and will swim up to me and tap my legs until I extend my arms out for her to lie on for a cuddle as I pass.”
Rick expressed his point of view.

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Animals are sensitive to our feelings for them.
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