Poor Puppy Was Tied To A Dumpster And Left With A Heartbreaking Note

Meet Scooter, the dog who was tied to a dumpster in a South Carolina shopping mall parking lot and left with a sad note that said, “Free Pup.Scooter is my name.”The owner was arrested today.”

When a couple noticed him, they quickly freed him from the dumpster.Scooter, thankfully, was healthy and nothing bad happened to him.The couple decided to take photos and post them online in the hopes that someone would come to the dog’s aid.

Scooter’s heartbreaking photos quickly went viral on social media, catching the attention of Paula Langford, the founder of South Eastern Homeless Animals, a local foster-based rescue group (SEHA).Langford knew she had to help the abandoned dog after seeing photos of him.She immediately contacted the couple and requested that they take him in.

“I just reached out and said, ‘I’ll take the dog,'” Langford explained to The Dodo.”‘I have a microchip scanner, so I’ll scan him and validate the story first.And then we’ll get him to wherever he belongs.”

Later that day, Langford came to pick Scooter up at a gas station.

“I knew this was a loved pet as soon as I saw him,” Langford said.”He was abandoned with an expensive carrying case, a collar, and a bag of grain-free dog food.”

Langford discovered the following after scanning Scooter’s microchip: “When he [the owner] was arrested, his [the dog’s] main concern was that his dog did not go to the shelter, so he handed his belongings, his money, his backpack, his carrying bag, and his beloved dog to his friends and asked them to ensure that the dog was safe.”

Scooter’s owner asked his friends to look after his dog, but they broke their promise and abandoned him.Langford welcomed Scooter into her home and was able to contact the owner’s mother, who lives in Colorado.Fortunately, his mother was willing to look after him.

“It was a very touching and emotional reunion, and Scooter was clearly overjoyed to see his family again,” Langford said.”I am 100 percent certain that I made the right decision in reuniting this cherished pup with his family.”

“The ultimate hope when an animal is found on the streets is that the animal has a loving family looking for them,” Langford said.”However, in most cases, that is not the case.Scooter was a loved and treasured member of a wonderful family in Scooter’s case.And, while saying goodbye was difficult for me, I have no doubt that he is exactly where he belongs.”