Police Stopped A Train And Jumped Into Subway Tracks To Rescue A Scared Cat

The video below shows police officers rescuing a terrified cat from the tracks and returning him to his owner at a New York City subway station.When a noise startled George out of Mila and jumped down into the track, he was on his way home from the vet with his owner, Mila Rusafova.Unfortunately, there was a train in the distance that was rapidly approaching.

Mila became agitated, and others arrived to alert the subway conductor to stop the MTA train.Officers Brian Kenny and Gus Vargas arrived on the scene and jumped into the tracks to help the little cat before it got too far away.

“He was panting and terrified,” Officer Brian Kenny explained.”He didn’t move an inch.The third rail was only four inches away from his tail.”

“He gave us a look.When I picked him up, he reached for both of my shoulders as if he were a baby.”He nearly hugged me,” Kenny said.I enjoy animals.George would not have suffered any harm.
We were going to ensure it.”Although this caused significant subway delays, we are grateful that these men were present to save the day.They did everything they could to get this poor baby to safety.