Police dog can’t contain excitement when he learns he’s getting ice cream treat

It’s so cute to see this pup’s excitement over his ice cream.There’s no better way to unwind at the end of a long day than with dessert.And one dessert is more appealing than the others on a hot day.A classic ice cream cone!

Ice cream cones are simply irresistible, especially after a long day of stressful, intensive work.And when the sun is shining, nothing beats ice cream.Everyone in this situation would appreciate a cold and sweet treat, and this does not just apply to humans.

The police dogs in the Fishers Police Department K9 unit are regularly rewarded with treats and small surprises for their outstanding detective work, but this particular four-footer was ecstatic when his human partner took him to an ice cream shop.The K9-dog dashed toward the ice cream stand as soon as he realized he was getting ice cream as a treat.

After a long and sunny day, Handel’s Ice Cream & Yogurt shop in Fishers, Indiana was more than happy to give this brave four-footer a well-deserved treat.The dog’s companion struggled to keep him on the leash as the pup (understandably) approached the ice cream stand with glee.

When one of the ice cream shop’s employees noticed the dog, they decided to prepare a small and cold vanilla treat just for him.Even though the counter was a little high for the dog, he wasn’t going to let that get in the way of him and his ice cream cone.The four-footer introduced himself to his tasty treat on the counter with a quick jump.

He put his paws right on the counter, and the delicious ice cream cone was gone in no time.The dog must have been hungry because he slurped the ice cream in a matter of seconds.One thing is certain: ice cream is absolutely irresistible, and this police dog will fully agree.Yummy!While this K9 pup was getting his treat, there were many bystanders who couldn’t help but smile, seeing how happy this pup was to get something he really wanted.

Fortunately, another officer caught the entire thing on video, and it’s absolutely adorable.It was shared on the Fishers Police Department’s Facebook page, and the cool video has spread throughout the entire local community, as well as beginning to warm the hearts of the entire internet.

We always remember to thank the brave men and women in uniform for their service, but the K9 officers with four feet also deserve our attention and admiration.A simple gesture, such as providing a tasty treat, can go a long way.Look at how happy this dog is!