Police Counseling Puppy Sleeps During His Swearing-In Ceremony

Brody, a 12-week-old Labrador Retriever puppy, is now a therapy dog for the Bristol Police Department in Rhode Island, USA.

The pup got up early on his first day of work to prepare for his swearing-in ceremony.However, he appeared exhausted because he had been up all night worrying about his big first day.As a result, instead of participating in the ceremony as a member of the department, he fell asleep.

Brody felt at ease around his new colleagues, so he dozed off while they conducted the swearing-in ceremony behind him.”We put him down on the desk and he was just so comfortable that he lay down and fell asleep,” Brody’s handler, Officer Keith Medeiros, explained.

“He plays hard and sleeps hard,” Medeiros said to The Dodo.”When he isn’t playing, he is sleeping, which is difficult because he sleeps a lot.”

According to police, Brody will participate in activities with the town’s schools.”We’re very excited for Brody to meet the people in our community and the students in the Bristol-WarrenRegional School District,” said Medeiros.

Police Counseling During the Chief’s Swearing-In Ceremony, his dog sleeps on his desk.

They also stated that having a comfort dog like Brody around will help their community efforts as well as reduce stress and anxiety for both witnesses and investigators.

“People are really stressed,” Medeiros said, “especially in law enforcement.””Just walking into the police station with Brody makes people smile and puts them in a better mood.”They want to pet him and hug him, which is a wonderful thing.”