Police correctly identify missing Husky by asking him to sing his favorite TV theme song

Siberian Huskies are very vocal dogs, though not necessarily barkers.Huskies are known to howl, which has resulted in numerous social media videos of howling huskies “talking.”Huskies were bred to pull sleds and live in packs, so their vocal nature arose from a need to communicate while working.And it turns out that this very trait is what allowed one Husky to reunite with his family.

A group of teenagers in Beersheba, Israel, discovered a Husky that appeared weak and malnourished.They did the right thing by bringing the dog to Israeli police, who took him in and provided first aid.The police soon realized that this Husky matched the description of another Husky who had gone missing in the same city.They contacted the dog’s potential owners, who informed police that they knew the best way to determine whether or not this dog was their missing dog.

The owners requested that the police play the theme song from the dog’s favorite television show, “Shemesh.”If the dog started singing along, there was no doubt he was their much-loved pet.

When the officers began playing the song, the Husky immediately perked up and began howling along.Both the owners and the police immediately recognized it as the missing Husky.The owners rushed down to the police station to reunite with their pet.