Play Hide And Seek, Dog Gets Confused When Noticing His Owners In The Mirror

Dogs enjoy games like hide and seek with their owners.Nothing beats participating in games and activities with their humans to make them more exciting.These guys are extremely intelligent.They can pinpoint the location of their owners.In this story, Moose is an adorable 10-month-old Golden Retriever.He enjoys hiding and seeking with his owners, Shane and Lindsay.

But the good boy became perplexed while searching for Shane in their house.Moose saw Shane in the mirror but didn’t notice him in person.Shane crept behind the closed bathroom door.Moose was still frantic and giddy with excitement when he entered the bathroom.He couldn’t stop wagging his tail as he shuffled from corner to corner looking for Shane.

When Moose caught sight of Shane in the mirror, he leapt onto the bathroom counter and stood motionless for a few moments.The dog needed time to process what he saw in the mirror.Something is typical.Why did he see himself, Shane, and Lindsay in the mirror?

Moose quickly discovered how to use the mirror.He quickly turned around and jumped towards Shane.What a bright young man!The video of Moose’s hilarious expressions quickly went viral on the Internet.Everyone falls in love with the dog’s inherent cuteness.His expressions are so genuine.