Pittie puppy dumped in box in parking lot grows up to be biggest and happiest pup

This little guy has grown up to be quite handsome.Seeing an abandoned animal is always heartbreaking.These animals are perplexed as to why they have been abandoned on the street.Unfortunately, there are numerous reasons why people abandon their pets.

Some irresponsible pet owners buy their pets on the spur of the moment, only to discover that their upkeep is prohibitively expensive.There are also times when their pet has too many children and the owners are unable to care for them all.In that litter, an unfortunate child may be born.All of these factors could lead to the abandonment of a pet.

According to an article on PetSecure, some of the most common reasons for owners to abandon their pets are a loss of interest, a lack of money, and even relocation.Worse, rather than surrendering their pets to a nearby shelter, some owners abandon their pets on the side of the road.A man abandoned a box containing a puppy in an empty parking lot; fortunately, a CCTV camera caught him red-handed.

Shannon is a caring dog owner who has three rescued dogs at home.It didn’t take long for her to find another puppy to care for.Her security camera captured a man leaving a small box in front of a parking lot.When she came out to see what was inside, she discovered a frail pitbull puppy in need of immediate attention.

The puppy was losing fur in patches and had two different-colored eyes.”He was in such bad shape,” Shannon explained to The Dodo.”But he was still fighting and clinging to life.”Shannon named him Jiminy Cricket after a character in Pinocchio, and she was determined to nurse him back to health.

Shannon did everything she could to help Jiminy Cricket recover from his current condition.Shannon’s time and resources were required to nurse the puppy back to health.The pup was still scared the first few days, but he was determined to survive.He already had his favorite bed and was showing signs of recovery a few days later.

The family continued to marvel at Jiminy Cricket’s incredible development.After a week, Jiminy Cricket had not only recovered physically, but he had also gained trust in his new family.He let the family cuddle him, and he could even keep up with Shannon’s dogs.The once-weak pittie grew into a big and adorable pooch in less than a month.He could no longer fit on his bed and was larger than the other dogs in his home.

“This dog has been with us and has become such an important part of our family,” Shannon explained.”So we decided that Jiminy Cricket would stay with us and become our fourth rescue dog.”Shannon even thought Jiminy Cricket was the most special of her other rescues.

Shannon’s unwavering determination enabled Jiminy Cricket to transform into a large dog with a heart as big as his.Most importantly, his current family adores and cherishes him.”The boys and I couldn’t picture our lives without Jiminy Cricket,” she explained.

It’s so adorable to watch Jiminy grow up to be a big, happy, and loved dog. What a sweetheart.