Pittie melts hearts reuniting with his beloved long-lost brother

They never wanted to be apart from each other again.Pit bulls frequently have a negative reputation.When most people think of pit bulls, they envision aggressive, rabid dogs chained in a backyard.They may also consider fighting dogs or dogs who made headlines after biting a child.Pit bulls, on the other hand, are not naturally aggressive.The dog has been described as affectionate, loyal, and loving, with a consistent temperament.

Unfortunately, many pit bulls have irresponsible owners who do not properly care for them.Because of the dog’s “macho” reputation, these owners frequently purchase pit bulls and encourage their dogs to be tough and threatening.One fortunate pit bull was able to avoid a life of fighting by reuniting with his brother, who had been separated from him when they were puppies.

Keiko and Niko are pit bull brothers.

A rescue organization called Simi Valley Missing Pets saved a litter of pit bull puppies from becoming fighting dogs.The puppies were ready to be adopted after the rescue nursed them back to health.Their owner discovered the puppies on the internet but lives in a town with a three-dog limit.She was only able to adopt one puppy, Keiko, because she already had two older dogs.

Niko and the other puppies were adopted by other families and owners.”Keiko turned out to be the ideal little puppy.He was so well-mannered.”We couldn’t have been more fortunate,” their owner told The Dodo.Their oldest dog died five months later.When the owner was online on her phone one night, she came across Niko’s photo.

The next day, she learned that Niko had been returned and that his adoptive family had been unkind to him.She turned to her husband and told him that they needed to adopt Niko right away because they were a two-dog family.He completely agreed with her.They were able to reunite Niko with his brother Keiko.

The owner described him as sweet but timid.He also had no command knowledge.He did, however, know about his brother Keiko.The two dogs recognized each other right away, and Keiko never left Niko’s side.Niko’s new owners put him in a crate the first night he arrived home.Keiko went inside and stayed with him all night.

The two brothers are no longer apart.They bathe together, go hiking together, and even enjoy cramming into one tiny kitchen corner side by side.

Niko and Keiko enjoy spending time together, and Niko has grown in confidence since being adopted.”He’ll always hold on to some part of his past, but having Keiko by his side every step of the way really helped him get through everything,” their owner said.Over 11 million people have watched the brothers’ adorable and loving relationship online.

What a wonderful story about two brothers.They had a chance at a super life in their forever homes thanks to their owners’ love and kind hearts, happy ending!”
According to one commenter.”What a touching story of sibling love!””I’m so happy for the dogs and their owners!” said another netizen.We adore the fact that Niko and Keiko found their way back to each other and are now content in a loving home.

Today, they also have an adopted cat sister Wasabi as part of their family.If you are interested in becoming a pet owner, please consider adopting a pit bull from your nearest shelter.