Pig Kept In Dark Stall For 10 Years Gets To Go Outside For The First Time

This man’s patience and kindness are extraordinary.What a wonderful individual.Princess, a 14-year-old pig, lives at Arthur’s Acres Sanctuary, a non-profit sanctuary where farmed animals can live out their lives in peace.But Princess’ life was not always like this.Princess’s story will most likely surprise you.She lived on a factory farm before being rescued, where she was kept in a dark stall and repeatedly bred.

She hadn’t seen a ray of sunshine in ten long years.This is unfortunately not uncommon for animals born and raised on factory farms.

Pigs are gentle, intelligent creatures with multifaceted personalities.However, when they are born into a life on a factory farm, they do not have the opportunity to exhibit their natural behaviors.Instead, they are subjected to a plethora of forms of neglect.”According to the Humane League’s website.

According to One Green Planet, these farms can house up to 10,000 pigs in tiny gestation crates that are often only a foot larger than they are.Before she was rescued, Princess didn’t even have a name.She was simply kept in that dark and lonely stall and bred until she went insane.

She had also spent so much time in the dark that she had gone blind and could only see shadows.Caitlin Cimini of Rancho Relaxo begged her owner for six years to let her go.”She’s never gone outside.Her name has never been given to her.She’s never gotten a treat.”She’s never been loved,” Caitlin said on Instagram.

The farmer realized he couldn’t make money off Princess after she killed her own babies and eventually released her to Caitlin.Princess’s surviving piglet, Pistachio, was cared for by Caitlin at Rancho Relaxo, and Princess was adopted by Todd at Arthur’s Acres.Princess was terrified and confused when she arrived and refused to let anyone near her.

Todd made her a huge fruit salad right away because she had probably never had anything good or sweet in her entire life.Princess gradually came around thanks to Todd’s tender love and care.He began giving her treats and separated her from the other animals and humans so she would not become overwhelmed.Todd named her Princess because she deserved happiness and all of the world’s comforts.Todd would spend hours with Princess every day to make sure she wasn’t afraid of him and that she could get used to him.

She eventually did.She let him hand feed her, then pet her and rub her belly.She got to play outside after she got used to Todd, which was probably the first time she ever got to play in the grass.Princess quickly made friends with the other animals on the farm.Princess became unstoppable as a result of all her love and care.

Despite her inability to see, she can now be found running around the farm with ease.Princess is living her best life and loving it because some people care and want to share their love with her.