Perished Mother Dog Uses Her Body to Protect Her Puppies After One Is Stolen

A homeless mother dog’s life can be extremely difficult.
When puppies are thrown into the mix, everything turns into a nightmare.
Not only do they have to worry about desperately seeking a safe haven to protect what they cherish most, but they also frequently have to deal with people’s indifference, and even the inclemency of true human scourges who dare to harm them.

Stephanie Brooks was walking through New Jersey, United States, when she came across a dog with a puppy hanging from her snout.

Fortunately, she recognized the need for immediate assistance and contacted Hope For Paws rescuers.

Because one of her puppies had already been stolen, the mother dog defended them with all her might.

It appeared to be a young street girl who had recently given birth.
Stephanie had captured the puppy and was keeping her safe with her other puppies in a small area of her house.

When the rescuers arrived, they discovered a horrifying scene; the mother had fiercely protected her babies with her body, so getting her out would be difficult.

She was too terrified to do anything but growl, but she desperately wanted to be helped.

They finally got her out of there with the help of a trap.
But she did it with caution, taking care not to step on her babies.

The mother’s approach to her rescuers made it clear that she was a tremendously sweet little dog, and they responded by telling her that they did not want to hurt her and were there to help her.

She got the message and even let one of her seven babies be maneuvered, but one died as a result.

They called her Jade because she resembled a valuable diamond.

The rescuers saw that it was the right time to transfer the mother and children to their shelter, attend to them, and ensure that no more lives were lost.

They had to do it by constantly showing the mother her puppies, or she would become very anxious and desperate.
Oh, dear!

When they arrived at the veterinary clinic, they were able to confirm that all of the puppies were healthy and did not require any further treatment.

Even though everything appeared to be going well, Jade was still displaying indescribable anguish.
And the rescuers couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him.

Stephanie’s phone call the next day changed everything.
She told rescuers that a neighbor had taken one of her babies, apparently thinking she could care for it on her own.

However, the realization that he had separated the baby from his mother weighed so heavily on him that he confessed.

The poor mother cried silently for her child, unsure how to inform her heroes that she was missing a child.
That’s how they quickly arranged for Jade to reunite with her lost child.

Everything seemed to be put back together in the mother’s heart; it was the missing piece and how happy she felt now that her litter was complete.

Watch the moment this admirable mother is finally reunited with her pup.