Parents don’t know how girl gets out of her crib, then realize dogs are her partners in crime

Their baby cam captured the entire escape.Sometimes in life, you have no choice but to lead a criminal life.If you’re lucky, you’ll have a friend to join you in your crimes.Chloe Cardinal, a fifteen-month-old girl, has two accomplices.Colby and Bleu, her golden retrievers. The illegal trio does almost everything together.

They enjoy playing, cuddling, and even sharing snacks… Chloe’s snacks as well as the dogs’ kibble.Not to mention the crime.The three devised a clever plan to entice Chloe out of her room and get some snacks for the starving doggos.

“We were absolutely stunned!What made her get out of bed?”Chole’s father, Christ Cardinal, spoke of his desire to solve the crime.”This is the first time she’s ever made such an escape.”Did she mature?After hearing a noise on the baby monitor, Chris and his wife Nina realized something was wrong.

When they went to check on their daughter, they discovered her wandering in the hallway.They were perplexed, given that she isn’t usually able to get out of bed on her own.Her bed has a mesh guard to keep her from falling out.In addition, she is too short to reach the doorknob.

The Cardinals decided to investigate and review the baby cam video footage.That’s when they realized what had happened.Around 6 a.m., Colby and Bleu allegedly opened Chloe’s bedroom door and walked right in.

Colby had learned to open doorknobs about three years before.Colby was finally given the chance to put his newfound skills to use.Chloe could now walk around on her own.She could get him some treats if he could get into her room.The two dogs jumped into Chole’s bed and nudged her awake.

Chloe awoke but refused to get out of bed.That’s when the dogs resorted to Plan B, stealing one of her stuffed ducks as bait.They then ran around the room with it, hoping she would follow them.But that didn’t work, so they decided to kiss her on the lips until she finally jumps up and walks out the door.

Because she can reach their kibble, the dogs were probably trying to entice Chloe to give her some.The Cardinals found the trio’s con so amusing that they decided to post it online, where it quickly went viral.The story was picked up by major publications such as Good Morning America.On Good Morning America’s YouTube page, that video has been viewed over 2.5 million times.

“It was so cute how they broke into her room, licked her, and then shot back out,” one commenter said.