Pack of Puppies Attack (Toy) Baby Alligator

In the wild, there is a bad situation for benevolence or reason—simply unadulterated nature.

Everybody has a place with the natural pecking order, you are either the prey or the hunter.

All animals need to battle and make due. In this video, we see a pack of wild canines connect with a rampaging reptile to a grisly fight until the very end.

Watch as the hungry hellhounds scratch, paw, and nibble their direction into the pale skinned person croc—making the bog beast lose one of its appendages. It’s the decision time.

Must he dare a last trench escape or simply trust that the assault will end by tolerating rout? Who do you think will win? Will the canine savages fulfill their hunger for tissue or will the reptile track down an exit from specific death?

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