Owner Brings Puppy to Be Euthanized for “Not Playing,” Rescuers Quickly Intervene

Simba was abandoned in Cape Town, South Africa, because he wasn’t like the other “normal” dogs.
The poor pooch had been ill for a long time and was depressed, writes zenoonee.

Simba’s lack of activity and joy was a reason for his former owners to abandon him.
A rescue team discovered him and took him to a shelter.
When the stuff and vet saw the pup in this condition, they were both very upset.
How can anyone give up on a living creature in such a way?

People frequently forget that animals, like us, have feelings.
How would you feel if you were going through a difficult time and your family or closest friends abandoned you?
Unfortunately, some people are very cruel, but thank God, there are good hearted people and rescue shelters that do an amazing job helping these sweet animals in need.

Watch the video below for more information about Simba’s story!