Ostriches Hug Orphaned Baby Elephants to Help Them Feel Less Alone After Losing Their Mothers

Wo.und.ed or orp.haned pets have a difficult time surviving in the wild without assistance.

The David Sheldrick Wild Animals Trust Fund (DSWT) accepts animals in need and cares for them until they can be released back into the wild.
Now, a female ostrich at the DSWT sanctuary is making headlines for her affinity for elephants and collaboration with them.


According to DSWT, the ostrich’s name is Pea, and it first appeared at the haven in 2014.

Pea went to the sanctuary with her brother Case, but she was immediately drawn to the elephants.
Pea was allowed to stay at the haven after Hull was released back into the wild.


Pea has been a wonderful friend to the baby elephants brought to DSWT, as evidenced by the numerous photos of her cuddling with them.

She’s spent so much time with elephants that she’s begun to mimic their movements.

Pea is frequently seen lying with the elephants, who prefer brushing their paws against her soft plumes after a mud bath.
Pea has developed a special relationship with one of the newborn elephants in particular.


Jotto was rescued from a well by herders in 2016 and brought to the wildlife sanctuary.
According to workers at the wild animals haven, Jotto was only a month old.
Because he was so young, Pea was more than happy to provide him with a mother figure.
In another image, Jotto is seen laying on Pea as if she were fluffy padding.