Old Dog That Nobody Wants, Laying In Kennel With Her Body Giving Out

Countless deserving dogs are waiting for their forever home in shelters, rescues, and foster homes all over the world.Unfortunately, some people never find a place to call home.One such dog would almost certainly spend her entire life at the Villalobos rescue center run by Tia Torres and her incredible family.

Summer, a senior dog at Villalobos, has lived with the Torres family for the longest time of any dog at the facility.Tia had almost given up hope that Summer would find her happily ever after.The Torres family did everything they could to accommodate the sweet dog and give her the love and attention she deserves.

Source: Animal Planet

“She and my kids basically grew up together,” Tia says.Summer has been at Villalobos for exactly one year.Summer has been at the rescue center since she was 8 weeks old.She is now getting older.Tia is heartbroken that no one has ever stepped forward to take in the sweet girl.

“She’s still here through no fault of her own.””She was passed over,” Tia says in the video below.Summer’s age is affecting her physically at this point.She has severe arthritis, so severe that her legs are awkwardly bent.She moves a little more slowly.But she is a happy, grateful dog on the inside.

Source: Animal Planet

The Torres family doesn’t have the heart to turn any dog away, so there are many canine residents at the rescue center.Tia and her family try to listen to what adopters are looking for as they arrive looking for the perfect companion.The family also learns about their homes and matches them appropriately.They are usually given several dogs to choose from.The families then meet the ‘candidates’ and choose the one who best fits their needs.Summer was never chosen despite being offered to adopters numerous times.

Then, miraculously, an application for Summer was received.Eileen, the potential adopter, saw Summer on the Villalobos senior page and knew she had to have her.The Torres family couldn’t wait for Eileen to meet the well-deserved dog.Summer slowly walks into the center of the room, her age clearly visible.This, however, does not deter Eileen.She gets down on the floor to say hello to Summer.

Source: Animal Planet

Summer’s tail starts wagging.It’s the cutest thing to witness!The Torres family is always honest and fair to all adopters, explaining that due to Summer’s advanced age and health, she is unlikely to live for a full year.Will this put Eileen off?


“She needs us,” Eileen says simply.Eileen goes on to say that if she didn’t adopt Summer and she died while at the center, never having the chance to be in a home, it would break her heart.The next step was obvious for Eileen.

Source: Animal Planet

Watch the video below to see what happens next! And please remember, ALL dogs deserve a forever home. No matter their age!