Officer Adopts Abandoned Dog He Rescued In The Rain

When NYPD Officer Michael Pascale first met Joey, it was a cold, rainy afternoon.He was driving through a public park in his squad car when he noticed a small black dog huddled among the used needles and broken beer bottles.

Officer Pascale noticed that the dog was tethered to a fence by a thick chain around his neck.Joey was drenched, shivering, and obviously abandoned.”He’s just looking up at me with these ‘Help Me’ eyes,” Pascale explained to The Dodo.”The first thing that came to mind was that I needed to get him out of here.”

Joey was taken to the Animal Care Centers of NYC shelter in Brooklyn by the animal-loving officer.He could feel a special bond forming between them as he dried the grateful pup with a towel.”I don’t see an animal,” Pascale explained.”I notice a soul.
And that is not something I avoid.”He texted a photo of the pitiful puppy to his wife.”Bring him home!” she exclaimed right away.The couple quickly decided to adopt Joey if they could just get past one small hurdle.

Officer Pascale was informed by the ACC that Joey would have to remain in their care for a mandatory 72-hour stray hold.No matter how neglected or mistreated an animal appears to be, there could be a distraught owner looking for them.A stray hold gives them time to find their missing or stolen pet and come forward.Officer Pascale promised to return after the newly bonded pair said a difficult goodbye.He kept his word and returned the next day — and the day after that.They became closer with each visit.

Finally, the stray hold was lifted, and Pascale was free to adopt Joey.When the paperwork was finished, Joey was brought out to say goodbye to Pascale.Officer Pascale promised to keep him safe and never let him suffer abuse or neglect again as the ecstatic pup showered him with kisses.They then returned home to start their new life together.

Where there was once a hungry, fearful stray, there is now a strong, cherished pet.Joey enjoys exploring New York with his father and cuddling on the couch with his mother.Officer Pascale reports that he has developed into quite the Mama’s Boy.

Joey is a good dog — in fact, his Instagram handle is @Joey Good Doggo — but he’s not perfect.He gets into the trash on occasion, and he still dislikes going outside in the rain, but he is content.And he is well-liked.And that is all any puppy truly desires.