News crew rescues dog trapped under house after deadly tornado

A news crew set out to cover the aftermath of a deadly tornado, only to become the heroes of an unexpected story.An ABC News team traveled to Laguna Heights, Texas, which had been devastated by a tornado on Saturday that killed one person and injured several others.The crew discovered a trapped survivor while surveying the tornado’s wreckage. Two members of the security detail allegedly heard animal cries coming from beneath a house.

They contacted animal control, but sound technician Jim Gower wasted no time by grabbing a shovel and digging out the pup. Soon, the scared little dog’s head appeared from the dirt.

The crew calmed and pet the dog, and one member offered him a Slim Jim. Lured by the meat stick, the dog made its way out from under the home to safety.

It’s always inspiring to see ordinary people go out of their way to help animals, and this story is a silver lining in the midst of a terrible disaster.Robert Flores was killed after a trailer house was lifted off the ground and onto his home, according to ABC News. Eleven more people were injured and many homes and structures were destroyed in the destructive path.