New York’s First Pit Bull Police Dog Is Breaking Down Stereotypes For Her Breed

Many people regard Pit Bulls as a vicious breed.This is primarily because cruel humans have used them in dog fighting over the years.There were also numerous newspaper headlines about Pit Bulls attacking or mauling young children to death, writes moneysavingbasics.The truth is that these dogs can be just as loving and friendly as any other breed.We simply need to give them the opportunity to prove everyone wrong.Fortunately, one female Pit Bull named Kiah is doing just that.

Authorities tracked down her owner and charged him with animal cruelty after she was seen wandering around the streets with a bloodied head.Kiah later became a resident of the Kirby Animal Shelter in Texas.The staff knew the dog was far too intelligent and friendly to be left there, so they initially attempted to find her a forever home, but as time passed, they realized she would make an excellent police dog.Soon after, Kiah joined the Universal K9 program where she impressed everyone. She was very vibrant, sociable, and easy to train.

Kiah is now the state of New York’s first Pit Bull police dog, having completed her training.She is currently employed as a Rookie K9 Sniffer Dog with the Poughkeepsie Police Department.Officer Justin Bruzgul, Kiah’s handler, says, “(If the dog has) the energy to use her nose and want to please her handler and do that working job, it doesn’t matter what breed it is.”

Kiah fights stereotypes about her race when she isn’t fighting criminals.”So proud of our Kiah!” wrote the Kirby Animal Shelter on Facebook.She’s raising the bar by demonstrating that pit bulls can make our neighborhoods safer, not more dangerous…
Congratulations, Kiah!”