New Sighting Of Migaloo, The Worlds Favorite Rare White Whale

Migaloo, the world’s favorite white whale, may return to Australia sooner than expected.Photos of the whale swimming off the south coast of Victoria state have surfaced, sending Migaloo fans into a frenzy.

We’re not certain, but it could be him because he is part of the east population that migrates at this time of year.’
Dr. Vanessa Pirotta is a marine scientist.Dr. Pirotta points out, however, that he has been known to migrate off the coast of New Zealand as well.

“We definitely know there are humpback whales with lots of white color but not fully white,” she said, implying that there are more than one white whale out there.Migaloo was first spotted in Australian waters in 1991 and has been seen on and off since then.

Migaloo was first sighted back in 1991 and has been seen on and off in Australian waters over the years.

Here are a few shots of Migaloo from a few years ago:

If you see him in person, he illuminates the water around him and turns it turquoise as he swims.””Because he’s so unique, people want to learn more about him.”He’s a very social person who is frequently seen with his friend Milo.”

He was named ‘Migaloo’ which means ‘whitefella’ in several indigenous languages.