Neighbors and firefighters rush to the aid of a veteran’s service dog who has been hit by a car

Keith Gilbert, an 81-year-old disabled veteran, was loading his pets into his car when his brand-new service dog Rivka, aka “Computer mouse,” became alarmed and ran into the road.
The German Guard was then hit by a car and truck traveling at about 40 miles per hour in a domestic zone.

Witnessing your pet dog being hit by a car or truck is a truly terrifying experience.

Gilbert and his daughter Denise were also concerned that Mouse had a broken back as a result of the position she was in after being struck.


Gilbert, a psychologist, later told King 5 News:

“I actually assumed she was a goner.”

Pet lovers and firefighters come to the rescue

Fortunately, Natalie Luke and David Crump were nearby at the time of the crash.
When they saw the cars and truck hit Rivka, they immediately pulled over to help.
Luke talked about her decision:

” It’s every pet owner’s worst nightmare.
I saw the dog being hit by a car, then flying off the car and landing on the ground…
I quickly pulled over to help because I love dogs.”

They made a makeshift backboard for Computer mouse out of a sun shade from Luke’s vehicle.
They used the color of the windscreen to gently move Mouse off the busy, dangerous road and begin treating her injuries with a first aid kit.


Aidan Casey and Bobby Foster from Seattle Fire Station 33 arrived on the scene shortly after.
They intervened and provided additional resources to deal with Computer mouse’s injuries.

The firefighters praised the next-door neighbors and the pet’s family for their efforts to treat and protect Mouse before they arrived.

“They did an excellent job of immobilizing the pet dog and safely removing her from the roadway.”


Gilbert eventually rushed a safe Rivka to Blue Pearl Veterinary Medical Facility, where she was saved.
Surprisingly, her back did not break as a result of the accident.
Correct treatment most likely contributed to her avoiding spinal injury.

When the vet health center released Mouse, she and Gilbert went to Station 33 to thank her rescuers.

Everyone was overjoyed to see Rivka/Mouse succeed.
Both Mouse and Gilbert were overjoyed that these kind people had made this happy get-together possible.


A Dog Expert And Appreciative Dog Parent

Gilbert is not only a disabled expert, but he is also fighting cancer cells for the fifth time.