Navy SEAL Says Goodbye To Long Time K9 Companion And Friend

Former US Navy SEAL Mike Ritland recently took to Facebook to pay tribute to a fellow SEAL member’s K9 companion who crossed the rainbow bridge.”After 15 amazing years of blessing this Earth with his visibility, Mike had to say goodbye to Carlos today,” Ritland said.

Mike and Carlos had been companions for many years, and after Mike retired, he had the ability to adopt him permanently.Ritland also met Carlos while working as a trainer at the program.”He’s draped in the flag that Mike brought with him on every operation with him, and he still had Afghan dirt on him as he unfolded it on him,” Ritland continued.

Mike fed Carlos his favorite food, steak, as one last meal before the dog passed away.” Our hearts are currently much heavier needing to say goodbye,” Ritland wrapped up the heartfelt post.“Fair winds and complying with seas C-man, we have the watch from here friend.”