Dogs are such loving and protective creatures.
They are constantly watching out for people, especially children and babies.
Something in their protective instincts causes them to look after a young child.


Last month, this was the case.
A newborn baby spent the night in an isolated area of Chhattisgarh.
Locals discovered her with a mother dog and her puppies, who appeared to be keeping the baby warm overnight by lying beside her.

According to reports, the baby was discovered by a s dog that cuddled up to her with its puppies all night in India’s Chattisgarh province.


“It’s possible that the warmth from the puppies and their mother kept this newborn alive,” one local speculated.

After hearing the baby cry, villagers discovered her alongside a litter of puppies.
The child was discovered unharmed, and the villagers assumed that the mother dog and her puppies guarded the human child.

The villagers quickly contacted the local police and panchayat, who rushed to the scene to assist and save the child.
Despite being left out in the bitter cold, the baby was fine.


Officers responded to the scene, and the newborn, now named Akanksha, was taken to the hospital and examined by doctors.
The child was referred to The ChildLine Project, which is run by the Child Welfare Committee, after receiving first aid.
The committee will make the decision about where the child will live.
The police are looking for the newborn’s family and investigating the incident.
An investigation is now underway to find the infant’s parents: “They are not parents, they are s,” a local named Premnath said.

Premnath, a local, said it was a’miracle’ the baby survived the night because s dogs can be vicious.
“They are not parents, they are s,” they said.
It is a miracle that a newborn baby survives when dogs are lurking around at all hours of the night.”

Akanksha, the baby, was now taken to the hospital and examined by doctors.


In November 2022, social media around the world was flooded with photos of Mother dog saving the life of a newborn baby by cuddling up with her in the cold:
It’s been difficult to verify the authenticity of these images because the accompanying text rarely mentions details like time and location.
(Some versions of the message mention location, but attribute the story to multiple, widely disparate locations around the world.)
Similar stories about dog rescues of abandoned children have certainly appeared in the news over the years (sometimes in tandem with photographs that have no actual connection to the story being reported), but none appear to be related to this iteration.

We will continue to investigate and verify this.