Monty has spent seven years in kennels and still no one wants to adopt him

Monty has been described as one of the country’s “most ignored canines” at a rescue facility in Edenbridge, England.

Monty has spent the last seven of his eight years of his life at a rescue.
Finally, the staff at Opportunity Pet Rescue are baffled as to why Monty has yet to find his forever home.

Monty was kept in a small cage for his first year of life.
He was hunched over by the time he arrived at the rescue, and he had trust issues as a result of the bad treatment and forget he had suffered so early in life.
Unfortunately, potential adopters show little interest in Monty.

” Monty has a hunched back, which veterinarians believe was caused by his previous owners keeping him in a crate that was too small for him for an extended period of time!”
As a result, he has negative trust issues and would definitely benefit from someone who can help show him that not everyone misbehaves,” his fostering listing description states.

Monty enjoys focus as well as cuddles with the other animals at the rescue, but in the past did not quadrate them.
Instead, he barked and drew closer to them.
Given that he is still going to the shelter, he can now walk by them without barking.

” Actually, Monty only wants one loving proprietor; he does not want to share and can become extremely jealous, which can lead to him becoming aggressive.
He is not good with animals and will bark and pull towards them. He also needs to be muzzled in public places.

Unfortunately, he becomes so distressed that he strikes your legs when attempting to reach other dogs, so his new owner must be quite strong.
However, since going to Last Chance, Monty can now walk calmly with a dog in sight and not bark or strike your legs, but this will take time to achieve in his new home.”

Monty would do best in a home without other pets and with someone who can continue his training.
He is an active dog who enjoys running and chasing tennis balls– he just doesn’t bring them back.

“The reason we have had Monty for so long is that he is not an easy pet dog, but we are confident that there is someone out there who will love him for what he is, a somewhat harmed rogue!”

To summarize, we are looking for an adult only, bachelor residence with no other animals, a lot of perseverance, love, a yard, and tennis lessons!
Many visits to hang out with him prior to fostering would be required, so someone not too far from us would be ideal (unless you enjoy long and also continuous journeys)!
If you believe you are Monty’s ‘human,’ please contact us; we would be delighted to speak with you.”

Please share Monty’s story with buddies, household as well as social media contacts. We have actually aided pet dogs with a great deal more difficult problems find the houses of their dreams– we understand Monty’s new household is around someplace and have actually been waiting on this lovely pooch.