Mom frustrated when dog continuously wakes the baby until she realizes it’s a warning

Henry always listens when his owners say “no,” but this time was different.The dog refused to leave and insisted on waking the baby.Something was wrong when mom and dad heard their baby girl’s cries.

Dogs and humans may not speak the same language, but that does not prevent them from communicating.They make it known when they want or need something.We can often communicate with our dogs better than we can with other people.We know that a certain look from Spot means he’s hungry!One family’s dog’s attempt to communicate with them ended up saving a life.

Much appreciation

This holiday season, a family in Glastonbury, Connecticut, is especially grateful because their dog saved their daughter’s life.

Kelly Dowling was getting her daughter ready for bed a few nights ago when she did all the “motherly” things.As she swaddled her baby, everything appeared normal; the only difference was that the little girl had a cold.Babies, on the other hand, get colds all the time, and a little rest is usually the best cure.Putting the child to bedDowling entered the nursery, put her baby in the crib, and went about her business as usual.

Henry would not leave.

That’s when Henry stepped in.Henry is the family dog, a Boston Terrier who deserves to be loved unconditionally after what happened next.Henry wasn’t quite ready to leave the nursery when Dowling left.Despite his mother’s repeated attempts to remove him from the room, Henry seemed oddly determined to enter the nursery and bark.

An irritated proprietor

Dowling was irritated that Henry was making bedtime so difficult.

began to bark

Any dog owner knows that barking doesn’t always mean anything.Henry appeared to be making a fuss, which was interfering with the little girl’s ability to sleep.Dowling was irritated, and Henry was unyielding.He repeatedly opened the nursery door, eventually waking her up.

Strange behavior

Henry usually walks around the house at night, but if he ventures somewhere he shouldn’t, a firm “no” is usually all that is required.When Henry got the “no” this time, it didn’t even phase him!He kept opening the nursery door and seemed to be standing near the crib.A hint she couldn’t ignore any longerDowling realized something was wrong when she noticed Henry was purposefully not listening.

“He woke her up this time, and when she began crying, I knew there was something wrong with the way she was crying.”She didn’t sound quite right.”I took her downstairs, and she was struggling to breathe,” Dowling explained.”He had to have known or maybe smelled or heard something because he was so persistent and didn’t go hide or stop when I told him to stop.”Dowling dashed into the nursery when she noticed her baby struggling to breathe.Attempting to suction out the congestion failed, and she soon turned blue.They were able to get the baby air in time by rushing her to the hospital.

Henry, the hero of the family!

While we can’t be certain that Henry knew what he was doing, it seems clear that things could have turned out much worse if he hadn’t been so aggressive!This Christmas, he deserves some SERIOUS treats!