Missing K9 gives handler biggest ‘hug’ when they’re finally reunited

Gunner was overjoyed to see his best friend again.That day was just another training session for Gunner and his handler.Gunner and his handler traveled from Virginia to participate in this training exercise.They were near the Living History Farm in Kings Mountain State Park in South Carolina when Gunner became alarmed.He escaped from his handler and ran into the woods.

This occurred around 3:00 p.m.Even though they are familiar with the area, finding this K9 dog amidst the vast forest and its backroads will be difficult.They will, however, make an attempt.

So the hunt for Gunner has begun.

K9 tracking teams from South and North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Alabama, and Indiana have been dispatched to search for the missing K9 dog.They used all of their resources to find Gunner, including other K9 dogs, ATVs, and even helicopters.They will go to any length to find their canine companion.They were conducting the training exercise while conducting this search.

Gaston County PD, Cherokee County Sheriff, and SLED also assisted with the search.Because the presence of civilians could frighten Gunner and cause him to flee, the Sheriff’s Office requested that civilians leave the search to the professionals.

We know there are people who want to help.”We simply ask that if you drive up to Kings Mountain State Park, you stay on the main roads and do not go walking through the woods so that the K9 handlers’ training in the woods is not disrupted,” wrote the York County Sheriff’s Office.The search in the vast forestland was exhausting.It was the next morning, and they still hadn’t found Gunner.

Where could he possibly be?It took about 25 hours to complete the search.But, at long last, Gunner was discovered!He was discovered by the most recent group of investigators, who had only recently begun their search.They discovered Gunner cold, wet, and thirsty near the Equine/Primitive Campground.

Gunner was apprehended by the investigators to ensure that he did not flee again.According to Sheriff Kevin Tolson of the York County Sheriff’s Office, Gunner most likely saw a deer and ran toward it.Because of his strong desire to pursue the deer, he was able to escape from his handler.He also stated that Gunner was probably exhausted from chasing that deer all night.When they were finally reunited, his handler burst into tears.When Gunner returned, he even stood up to hug his handler.

His handler expressed gratitude to everyone who assisted him in locating his buddy and partner, his K9 dog.”It’s a huge relief,” Gunner’s handler, 3, said upon their reunion.Gunner is an experienced K9 dog who has completed more than 35 successful mission rescues, including missing person cases.Losing him would be devastating and a significant loss for their Virginia community.

Learn more about what happened and how Gunner was found in the video below.