Meet Loki, The World’s Grumpiest Sphynx Cat Who Looks Like He’s Judging Your Poor Life Choices

There’s a new grumpy cat in town, and he’s taking over Instagram.Meet Loki the Sphynx cat if you’ve ever wondered what pure disappointment looked like.Naming a cat Loki after one of the most sinister villains in comic books may seem inappropriate to some, but it fits perfectly with Loki.Although he appears to be an elderly man who has spent his life plotting to enslave all of humanity, I assure you that he is simply a cat.

According to his owners, he is a very judgmental cat, but he is also as cute as a cat can be.If you’re tired of other people judging your life decisions, look at these images and know that Loki is judging you as well.

Loki crossed the rainbow bridge on May 6, 2018, but his Instagram account remains active to honor the time he spent in this world making his humans’ lives better.