Meet Adorable Dog With Fluffy Ears Looks Like Mickey Mouse

When two dog breeds mix, an unexpectedly adorable creature results.A cute dog has taken the internet by storm thanks to his enormous ears, which have earned him comparisons to Mickey Mouse – and thousands of online fans.We’ve never seen a dog like Goma in a world full of labradoodles, goldendoodles, cockapoos, and puggles.

Goma, which means sesame in Japanese, is a cross between the Maltese and the Papillon breeds, which is where the signature ears come from.
Goma has approximately 75,000 followers on his Instagram account as a result of his s.The four-year-old pooch has even caught Vogue’s attention, first appearing on the fashion bible’s KoreanInstagram page before going viral in the United States.

Her newfound fans dubbed her “Mickey Mouse dog.”Goma’s proud owners launched the page in April 2016, when he was only two years old, and have since treated fans to fun photos of the furball every few days, dressed in a variety of cute outfits.

Take one look, and you’ll understand why she’s so popular! She has already melted the hearts of thousands…

Goma’s perfectly round ears remind many people of Mickey Mouse

Others compare them to koala bear ears. Either way, we have heart eyes!

Goma lives with her humans in Tokyo, Japan, where she enjoys seeing the sights from the comfort of a backpack.

Her owners love to dress her up in cute outfits, like this chic kimono.

But she’s still as adorable with just her white, fluffy fur.

Lots of people love her. She has more than 109,000 followers on Instagram with more discovering her every day.

Who could get enough of this face? We sure can’t!

In case you were wondering, her tail is delightfully fluffy and cute too.

She seems to have gotten the best of both breeds — her ears stand upright like a Papillion, but they’re round like a Maltese.

She manages to outshine even the most stunning backgrounds, like Japan’s famous cherry blossoms.