Massive Lion Come Face to Face with Tiny Wiener Dog

The dachshund dog is one of the most recognizable types of animals in the entire world, with its small stature and distinctive long body that resembles the hot sausage on the kid’s favorite food, the hot dog.
Despite their appearance, these wonderful little creatures are not afraid to be in the presence of larger animals.The best example of this unusual behavior is a dachshund dog named Abby, who believes she is stronger than lions.

The G.W. Exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma is a wildlife refuge that serves as a shelter for many animals in the area. Due to an unusual economic situation, many places dedicated to the protection of domestic animals had to close, leaving them unguarded and with nowhere to go, including our friend Abby.

As strange as it may seem, Abby has no fear of the giant carnivores at the animal park.The presence of bears, tigers, and even lions does not faze this little dog’s steely nerves.This is the polar opposite of what we learned in school about how prey tends to flee from its hunter.

Abby appears to spend a lot of time with the other animals.She plays with them as if they were family, running across the field, jumping on them, chasing them, and even licking them.Everyone at the exhibition looks at this awkward scene and laughs, wondering how our tiny friend avoided being eaten by these hungry cats.

Even the incredible Bonedigger, the great Barbary lion who also lives at the wildlife park, can’t stop himself from playing with Abby, the dog.If you were in the same area as this massive and threatening animal, you would flee for your life, but Abby reacts naturally, just like any other dog.The lion’s growl alone is enough to give you cold feet and a frozen spine.

When park personnel attempted to separate Abby from the Bonedigger enclosure, the lion cried, almost as if he was telling them how much he missed being around her.With these astounding facts, there is no doubt that love transcends all boundaries, including species.Watch the video below to see the incredible bond between this dachshund dog and a lion!