Man takes selfie video on water and gets photobombed by seal

This was so cute. She really took a liking to him. 🥰

Getting up close and personal with wildlife can be both exciting and surreal.Seeing wildlife in action is an amazing experience as long as you don’t intervene and touch them.But for this boatman, it got a little too close for comfort.

She’s a beauty.

YouTube Screenshot – America’s Funniest Home Videos

Have you ever gone boating with a seal?

This man certainly understands what it’s like to have a very special guest on board.The forty-second viral video featured a man filming a selfie.One look at the first second of the video will reveal why it became so popular.Because there’s an unexpected visitor right over the man’s shoulder.

YouTube Screenshot – America’s Funniest Home Videos

Bulging eyes, a round snout, a streamlined face, and wet fur do not indicate a dog who has just gotten out of the water.

A visitor from the sea.

On his boat, the man had a seal as a passenger.The funny and adorable thing about this is that the seal appears unconcerned about invading the man’s personal space.

YouTube Screenshot – America’s Funniest Home Videos

According to the man in the video, the seal jumped on his boat and instead of being scared, the seal just made itself at home.The man began documenting the event, prompting the seal to join in.

She’s photogenic

The seal appears to be saying, “Hey, is that on video?”Will I become famous?I need to be at my best.”

YouTube Screenshot – America’s Funniest Home Videos

The same holds true for marine mammals.Especially those that spend time on both land and water, such as sea lions, sea otters, and polar bears.Because they live in two different environments, they are vulnerable to human activity.

It is extremely dangerous to approach seals during breeding season.Seal pups left on the beach are tempting to pet, but once you get close and the mother seal notices you, the mother seal will leave the pup alone until you leave, exposing the pup to a variety of dangers.

For everyone’s safety, the law states that people can only view seals from a distance of 150 feet.