Man Showed Calf Love With A Snuggle While He Was Being Abused Before His Slaughter

Salvador the bull was labeled “undesirable” from the moment he was born.
Male calves are completely useless to the local dairy industry because they do not produce milk or “get fat enough” to be sold profitably in the beef market.
The breeders either kill the male calves at birth or keep them around until they can be sold to butchers for a reasonable price, writes ilovemydogsomuch.


Salvador’s owner, on the other hand, was dead set on selling him for the highest price possible.
The owner separated him from his mother shortly after birth and planned to feed him for four months in order for him to gain weight before his time in the slaughterhouse.
Salvador was packed in a square 6-foot wooden box, which was supposed to be his home until he fattens up.


Salvador was barely alive when volunteers from the local NGO “AnimalLibre” discovered him.
He was covered in his own urine and feces, and he had a fever, acute diarrhea, and multiple infections.
The volunteers rescued the malnourished calf and transported him to the “Equality Sanctuary” for rehabilitation.

It took a different kind of struggle for the sanctuary workers to resurrect Salvador’s dying body and soul.
He was initially terrified and defeated, but seeing the vast green farm for the first time in his life lifted his spirits.


The video below was shot six months after Salvador’s rescue and shows how far he has progressed from his abusive past.
He’s not in a box anymore, and there’s no slaughterhouse timer on his life this time.
We can tell he has found his ultimate happily ever after as he spends his days cuddling with his caregivers and chilling out with his farm pals!

Click the video below to watch Salvador emotionally celebrating his freedom with his caretaker.