Man sees little dog huddled up on the roadside and runs straight toward her

Russel knew right away that he wanted to assist Romee.There are approximately 70 million homeless dogs and cats in the United States.Thankfully, some of them have been adopted into loving homes.Romee was fortunate enough to be adopted by a loving family.

Russel and Courtney Reynolds were driving on a road in Georgia that was “in the middle of nowhere,” as Courtney described it.Russell notices a dog alone on the side of the road from his car.They come to a complete stop, and he walks over to the dog to check on it.When he crouches, the dog immediately jumps on him and licks his face.The dog is clearly excited to be with Russel in the video.Russel picks up the dog and hugs his new pal.They start walking back to the road.

Even when Russel is carrying the dog, her tail is constantly wagging, indicating how content she is.Russel’s wife, Courtney, knew right away that the dog was coming home with them unless they could find the dog’s owners.The couple then took the dog to PetSmart to get her food.She ate the dog food right away, finishing two bowls and licking her bowl clean.Courtney stated that the dog had not eaten in over a month.

Russel and Courtney took her to the vet after feeding her to see if she had a pet chip or any other indication of a home.She lacked all of these.As a result, the couple was free to keep her.They adopted the homeless dog and named her Romee.

Russell and Romee had a special relationship from the start.”I enjoy watching Romee and my husband because their bond is unrivaled.It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen.”I fell in love with him the moment he picked her up,” Courtney told the Dodo.Romee was initially shy around them.It took her about two days to feel completely at ease with them.They’re now best friends.

Russell even tells Romee, “Daddy loves you,” as he cuddles and hugges her.Even in the video, you can see how much he adores her.Russel and Courtney eventually got a new puppy named Hallie.They persuaded her to be Romee’s companion.

Romee and Hallie were inseparable from the start, unlike other dogs who need time to get used to each other.Romee is the older of the two dogs and the pack leader.They never hurt or fight each other.When Hallie gets too worked up, Romee gently but firmly puts her in her place.

Romee and Hallie are now happily married to the Reynolds family.While Romee and Hallie are fortunate to be part of a loving family, Russel and Courtney are equally fortunate to have such entertaining and playful pets.

It’s not every day that dogs and humans form an instant bond.This is, however, what happened between Russel and Romee.We’re overjoyed that we got to see this adorable story.

To see Russel and Romee’s unique relationship, watch the video below!