Man Sees Injured Bald Eagle Caught In Traffic And Saves His Life

Dandon Miller, of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was riding his motorcycle on the highway when the traffic in front of him came to a halt.Everyone came to a halt because a large bird in the road was injured and unable to fly.

Dandon, an animal lover, decided to stop by and help after realizing he needed to act.
He recognized the large bird as a bald eagle.”When I looked down to see what was stopping everyone, I noticed a bald eagle standing in the middle of the road.”There was another person, and they shoved her to see if she would go off the road or take off in the air.She spread her wings and remained motionless.

Despite the fact that the enormous beast couldn’t fly due to its wounds, Dandon decided to remove his favorite T-shirt and throw it at the woman.The eagle placed the cloth over her calmly, surprising her.

Dandon prefers to dress in red and black t-shirts.Even though he’d had the shirt for eight years and regularly wore it, he never imagined it would one day be used to save a life.

Dandon wrapped the eagle in a cloth before removing it from the path of traffic.He then dialed 911 before contacting Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research, a nearby bird rehabilitation facility.He held the 15-pound bird for 45 minutes while rescuers arrived.But time seemed to be flying by.

Dandon stated:

“I wasn’t thinking about that when I was holding her.I had no intention of leaving her; I was simply trying to keep her quiet and reassuring her that she is safe.It was incredible to handle the bird and watch her relax.Simply incredible.”

After a few days of therapy, the rescue facility stated that the bird could be returned to its natural environment.

Action News reports that Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research:

There are lesions on one wing and one of the bird’s legs.He also has some damage to his eyes.He has no broken bones.Her condition is being treated with pain relievers and antibiotics.He is also receiving subcutaneous fluids.She is eating alone.His release outlook is cautiously optimistic, but it will depend on how his wing injury heals.