Man gets emotional finding out he can keep foster dog he fell in love with

Doug promised his wife that he would not be a “foster fail” if they took Mary in.And he made good on his promise right away.If you like dogs, you’ll want to bookmark this video.If you adore dogs, one of your life’s ultimate goals should be to save them from abuse and abandonment.Watch and learn from the story of Mary, a dog who was abused before finding her forever home.

Mary’s story

The Foxy and the Hounds dog rescue organization received a call about a mother dog and her litter of puppies in need of assistance.They immediately went to the location and rescued these adorable puppies.Six puppies’ papers were processed.And they were successful in getting these puppies to their rightful owners.

Mary was among them.Terrie Fox, the founder of Foxy and the Hounds, received a call from another shelter after a year and a half with her adopted family.They claimed Mary was with them.

Terrie went straight to the shelter and found Mary with a wound on her nose and looking “so defeated and weak.”Terrie’s heart began to sink.

She couldn’t believe a dog she’d assisted in rehoming after a life of neglect was being neglected by a family she approved of.She became even more determined to find Mary a family that would last her entire life.

Fortunately, Mary recognized Terrie after smelling her and began kissing her despite her weakness.Mary would have to be placed with a good foster family before they could find her the perfect forever home.Then there were Doug and Michelle.Mary spent a few weeks with Doug and Michelle, a dog-loving couple.

They already had two dogs that they had adopted after fostering them.Doug didn’t want to see another “foster failure.””This is just a foster,” Doug stated emphatically at first.

Doug dislikes being tied down.But as time passed, Michelle noticed Doug becoming more attached to Mary.She was aware that they would be adding another dog to their “foster fail” family.

Michelle decided to surprise Doug on Christmas because she knew what he didn’t want to admit.When he opened the small box containing his wife’s gift, he discovered a set of dog tags inside.”Mary,” they said. Doug couldn’t help but cry and kiss Mary.

This story serves as a reminder to be responsible pet owners and kind people.Likewise, organizations such as We Love Animals and Foxy and the Hounds wish that no dog (or animal) goes through what Mary has.Dogs are entitled to the best possible life.