Man cries as he hugs his 14-year-old dog and dies seconds later: “Don’t abandon me”

He is a strong and rude man who changed the world because he had to say goodbye to his life’s puppy.
It’s impossible not to feel energized by his presence.

Unfortunately, our spoiled children are not eternal, and there comes a time when they must complete their cycle and cross the rainbow.
There are numerous videos on the internet that capture that heartbreaking moment; many people feel identified because firing their pets “is something they would not wish on their worst enemy.”

The “rude” man had to endure the most agonizing pain imaginable.


However, some recent scenes have particularly moved Internet users.
Perhaps because of the background music, or perhaps because it is an apparently rude owner, who has completely broken before the imminent departure of his life’s dog.

He can’t imagine his life without his dog.

They are images that reveal a man’s most sensitive side.
Many people have touched the deepest fibers of his soul, as a little dog accompanied him for 14 long years of his life, becoming another son.

The scene takes place on the vet’s stretcher, where he is expected to receive the medication that will put him to sleep for good.

He wishes he could live forever and that his presence by his side was eternal.

The dog already has a syringe, so he’ll be on the other side in a few minutes, but his eyes are still open.
His owner finds no solace and leans in to join her and his hairy one in a deep hug that he wishes would never end.

The man collapses and sobs uncontrollably.

He tries to caress him, looks him in the eyes, kisses him at one point, as if he wants to hold him back, but he knows time is running out.

Thank you for every second of faithfulness, every second of love!


The networks were quick to respond with emotional comments of empathy in the face of the man’s pain, which they felt was their own.

“Oh my God, I had to do this a few months ago.
You may be the strongest person in the room, but when it comes to your children, you quickly crumble.
“I’ll never forget our last look at each other,” one person wrote.

“This made me cry because it reminded me of one of the most difficult days of my life,” said another.


Only those who have experienced the deep and indescribable pain of losing a four-legged son can comprehend what that man felt.
At that point, no tattoos, physical strength, or rudeness are worth it…
It is when emotions come to the surface, and this heartbroken man has managed to touch millions of hearts who sympathize with his plight.

Although it is heartbreaking, we can take comfort in knowing that this beautiful furry received all the love in the world until his last breath.