Man Adopts Mutt Off The Streets, Realizes Her Breed When She Gets Older

A man heard about a homeless puppy available for adoption and decided to go take a look.He had to have her the moment he saw her.Ilovemydogsomuch describes her as “a stunningly beautiful dog.”

No one knew what breed she was, but as she grew older, her breed would become clear.The man took in the fluffy stray and adopted her.He gave her the name Phoebe.

She was a wonderful pet with a wonderful personality, but he had no idea what kind of dog she was.

…until she began to mature.

Phoebe’s Husky/Golden Retriever mix became clear as she grew older!

The older and bigger she got, the more obvious it became.She’d end up looking a lot like the model shown here.

Here’s another Husky/Golden Retriever hybrid.Not as fluffy as Phoebe, but equally lovely.Take a look at those eyes!

What a special rescue Phoebe turned out to be! Isn’t she a looker?