Mama Horse becomes entangled and falls, and the foal panics as he sees the approaching tide

The Loughor Estuary in Gower, South Wales, is a beautiful marshland teeming with wildlife.
When a mare and her foal were exploring the marshland’s uneven terrain, an unfortunate accident caused the pair to panic.
ilovemydogsomuch writes

The mare’s back hoof had become entangled in her matted mane by accident.
She tried to wiggle her hoof out, but it became entangled in the mane and the poor mare fell to the ground.
She tried to pick herself up, but her contorted limbs made it impossible.

When the young foal saw his mother’s distress, he freaked out.
Because the child had no idea how to assist his mother, he continued to cry out for assistance.
Furthermore, the area was about to be inundated by a high tide.
This was a very difficult situation for the mare and her foal.

We see RSPCA officers arrive on the scene to evacuate the animals in the flooded area.
However, when they learn of the mare’s ordeal, they act quickly.
The hoof is untangled from the mane by one of the officers, but the mare still refuses to stand.
The officers realize at this point that the mare has been struggling for hours.
Her limbs had weakened as a result of being trapped in the strange position, and she was waiting for her circulation to return to normal.