Mama Dog Schools Her Troublemaking Pups For Fighting Dirty & Talking Back At Her

Like humans, dogs are also very particular about raising their kids right. They not only care for their puppies with

When one of them bites the other, the other hits back with even more ferocious snarls.

Soon, it seems like the puppies are hell bent on keeping up with their wresting duel. But all of this stops when mama dog enters the scene! Mama dog first tries to gently split the squabbling siblings apart, but the puppies boldly ignore her. In fact, they even have the audacity to talk bark back at her!

That’s when they feel mama dog’s wrath and she starts disciplining her rowdy kids!The puppies hang their faces in shame and line up politely with one tough bark from mama dog! But the furious mama doesn’t stop here!

She keeps lecturing them until the puppies just cower in fear and nod like good little boys who’ve learned their lesson. Now that is one tough mama dog! Click the video below to watch the cross mama dog scolding her troublemaking puppies!