Mama Dog Protects Her Newborn Puppies After Their Owner Dumps Them All On A Dirt Road

A cruel human abandoned and dumped a mama dog and her litter of newborn puppies on a dirt road in Atascosa County, Texas.It was a cold day outside, and these newborn puppies would not have survived long.

Fortunately, they were discovered in time, and Atascosa County Animal Control was contacted for assistance.Officers arrived quickly to pick up the small family and transport them back to their clinic for medical attention and care.

The mama dog had an eye infection that needed to be treated with eyedrops.She and her puppies were then placed in a warm kennel with soft blankets to sleepPuppy Pleasers, ACAC’s rescue partner, stepped in and gladly took in the mama and her babies.They agreed to keep the family together until the puppies could be weaned from their mother.
They will also keep treating the mama’s eye infection.When the puppies are old enough and the mama dog has recovered completely, they will all be adopted into loving forever homes.

Since then, ACAC has launched a criminal investigation to find out who dumped these poor dogs.
Animal Cruelty by Abandonment charges have been filed against the individual.

If you have any information about who did this, please call Atascosa County Animal Control at 830-769-2341.

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