Mama Cow Wouldn’t Leave Her Injured Baby’s Side

An animal’s life on the streets can be difficult.You have to worry about finding food and water, a place to sleep, and, sadly, humans who couldn’t care less about you.

The baby cow in the video was discovered immobile on the side of the road and given the name Bambi by his rescuers.His hoof had been crushed by a vehicle, but thankfully, a kind stranger wrapped his injured leg up to stop the bleeding before calling Animal Aid Unlimited.

We’re no strangers to the extraordinary lengths that the people at this rescue organization will go for animals, so even if his mother didn’t realize it at first, this baby cow was in good hands.

We can only imagine how difficult mama cow’s day was; how helpless she must have felt when her baby was injured, and how terrified she must have felt when strangers came to take her baby away.
Fortunately for her (and Bambi), the rescuers helped calm mama cow’s fears by accompanying her to the rescue center, ensuring that her baby never left her sight.Cows are intelligent, emotional, and social beings, and the bond between a mother and her baby is extremely strong.

The good news is that the wonderful rescue team was able to assist this little one and make him feel better!Look at how Bambi literally jumped for joy as he played and cuddled with his new human and cow friends.

Doesn’t his cuteness make you want to squee?