Mailman Builds A Ramp So His Old Dog Friend Could Still Greet Him When He Comes

Jeff Kramer, a USPS employee, recently built a dog ramp to ensure that a senior black Lab Tashi could still greet him when the mailman came by. Kramer noticed that the doggie was having difficulty walking at 14 years old.We were literally carrying him up and down the stairs,” said Karen Dimetrosky, the dog’s owner.He also weighs around 70 pounds.”

The mailman simply showed up on his day off and installed the ramp.”He’s simply incredible…We’ve had the ramp for a few months, and he’s come through for us.”

“Hopefully he’ll live a little longer,” the humble mailman said.He’s still content.That’s exactly what we want.”We want a happy animal,” Kramer explained.”Yeah, a mailman who likes dogs,” he added with a smile.That makes sense.”