Loyal Dog Runs Away And Goes Back Home To Guard It In The Flood Waters

Druzhok is Russian for “Little Friend.”This summer, a devoted mutt named Druzhok demonstrated what a devoted companion he could be to his family.He lives with the Andreev family in Russia’s Amur region.Despite his strong sense of freedom, he is a sympathetic pet.

If he wants to run around, no chain will stop him.He’ll smash it and fly away.When he’s had enough, he walks up to you and flashes his neck as if to say, “Leash me, I’m ready.”

As their town was submerged in floodwaters, his devoted care for his family was evident.

“It’s deep here.He couldn’t run, so he had to swim.All night, the dog stood on the top step of the porch in the cold water.

“As we approached the yard, we noticed him.He stood there trembling and refusing to move from his position.But when he saw us, he was overjoyed.When we put him in the boat, he rushed to lick us.We were all overjoyed.”

Friends look out for one another, but let us hope Druzhok chose to stay dry with his family rather than continue to check on the residence.